About Us :    
            Kasra Tile Co. was established in 1999. The factory is located in a
    10 hectare magnificent and beautiful area in Sanandaj, west of Iran.
     Kasra tile
produces various floor tiles in sizes of 50x50cm, 60x60cm,
    20x60cm,33x60cm, 45x90cm, 15x90cm, 30x90cm, 15x45cm, 25x50, and
    70x70cm according to the international standards and using modern technology
    and equipment, quality raw materials, and experienced experts leading
    to high quality products. Innovation and creativity in the industry are
    among the goals and objectives being followed by Kasra Tile Company.
    The development plans of Kasra Tile Co. are in respect of high technology,
    product development, product diversity and high-quality production to meet
    the growing world wide consumption.